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    • Chavarría Contreras , Rafael; Fauré Polloni, Daniel; Mariscal Orozco, José Luis; Rucker, Ursula; Yáñez Canal, Carlos (2018)
      In this first volume, this book proposes concepts about culture and its location in the social and academic life of our region
    • José Luis Mariscal Orozco - (Editores),; Ursula Rucker , (2019)
      Cultural Management; Culture; Politics and Culture; Culture in Latin America
    • Zapata Silva, Claudia (2019)
      Has the quality of life of indigenous peoples in Latin America improved after three decades in which legislation has been built that recognizes them? Statistical information and the increase in social conflict in indigenous ...
    • Ferreira, Marcelo (2019-04-17)
      Este livro é um curso introdutório em semântica formal e tem o intuito de apresentar um sistema interpretativo composicional, formalizado através de algumas ferramentas lógico-matemáticas. Não se pressupõe experiência ...
    • Locane, Jorge J. (2019)
      What is World Literature? To answer this question, this book asks another one: How is it produced, that is, what are the material conditions, processes, and actors, which enable Latin-American Literature to circulate ...
    • Pinedo, Javier (2018)
      Intellectual debates; history; political thoughts; culture
    • Vera Vera , Héctor; Arancibia, Juan Pablo (2018)
      Approaches to the new realities of social media and their interaction with audiences in Latin America
    • Polotto, María Rosario; Keiser, Thorsten; Duve, Thomas (2015)
      The volume contains essays on the modernization of private law in Europe and Latin America from the viewpoint of legal history. Through a comparison between different forms of legal development in various normative und ...
    • Jara Ibarra, Camila (2019)
      Research on the Chilean social mobilization of the last decades, the exhaustion of the neoliberal model and the search for alternatives
    • Ambos, Kai; Böhm, Laura María; Zuluaga, John (2016)
      En este libro presentamos los textos cuya autoría pertenece a quienes han ofrecido módulos temáticos o clases magistrales en la Segunda y en la Tercera Escuela de Verano desarrollada por el Centro de Estudios de Derecho ...
    • Somma, Alessandro; Brutti, Massimo (2018)
      "Comparative law and the history of law are traditionally devoted to expanding the context of legal rules and legal institutions. Comparison involves history, as the well-known motto proclaims, but history also involves ...
    • Ferrada Alarcón, Ricardo (2018)
      critical discourse; culture; two centuries
    • Oostindie, Gert (2014)
      "Paradise Overseas" presents a tour around the main themes of Dutch Caribbean history and its contemporary legacies. Drawing on wide expertise in Caribbean and Latin American studies, Gert Oostindie strongly posits a ...
    • Marchena, Juan; Chust, Manuel; Schlez, Mariano (2020)
      The book that the reader has in his hands is about one of the most important scientific questions for the knowledge of the history of mankind: how do societies arise, organize, move and transform? He asks that, like the ...
    • Lebsanft, Franz; Mihatsch, Wiltrud; Polzin-Haumann, Claudia (2012-05-03)
      Aunque la palabra pluri- o policentrismo aún no figura en el Diccionario de la Real Academia Española, el concepto ya está integrado en la política lingüística panhispánica de las instituciones académicas. Según la RAE, ...
    • Tau Anzoátegui, Víctor ,; Duve, Thomas; Vogenauer, Stefan (2016)
      "The present work addresses the history of Derecho Indiano (Spanish Colonial Law) and proposes to examine the role played by Indiano-Castilian jurists in the New World as creators and enforcers of a science and the practice ...
    • Spate, O.H.K. (2006)
    • Esteban, Ángel; Prado Alvarado, Agustín (2020-01-13)
      La historia de las relaciones culturales entre Perú y España desde la época del Virreinato hasta la actualidad demuestra que el mar que separa los dos continentes no es tan ancho ni tan ajeno. La huella del Siglo de Oro o ...
    • Gaido, Daniel; Frencia, Cintia (2016)
      History of women's organization within the international socialist movement of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.
    • Vergara, Ximena; Barros, Luis (2007)
      Detailed description of the lifestyle of groups of high Chilean society in the late 19th and early 20th century, and its social and political role