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    • McCarthy, John K.; Benjamin, Jonathan; Winton, Trevor; van Duivenvoorde, Wendy (2019)
      This open access peer-reviewed volume was inspired by the UNESCO UNITWIN Network for Underwater Archaeology International Workshop held at Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia in November 2016. Content is based on, but ...
    • Bourman, Robert P.; Murray-Wallace, Colin V.; Harvey, Nick (2016)
      This book aims to assist people in interpreting coastal landforms in South Australia, revealing how the coast has evolved and is continuing to do so under the influences of a range of processes acting upon a variety of ...
    • Gouguet , Loïc (2018)
      This practical guide benefits from the experience of several authors and experts in managing coastal dune environments and in preventing natural risks. It presents useful tools in resolving problems of daily dune management.
    • Laska, Shirley (2020)
      Earth sciences; Natural disasters; Climate change; Coasts; Environmental management; Environmental law; Environmental policy; Social justice; Human rights
    • Bailey, Geoff; Galanidou, Nena; Peeters, Hans; Jöns, Hauke; Mennenga, Moritz (2020)
      This open access volume provides for the first time a comprehensive description and scientific evaluation of underwater archaeological finds referring to human occupation of the continental shelf around the coastlines of ...