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    • Szmrecsanyi, Benedikt; Wälchli, Bernhard (2014)
      Variation; dialectology; linguistic typology
    • Muysken, Pieter; Hinskens, Frans; Taeldeman, Johan (2013)
      In this chapter I discuss the different ethnolects that exist in the Netherlandic-speaking language context. It is convenient, but not entirely accurate, to define these simply as ethnic varieties of Dutch, on a par with ...
    • Cysouw, Michael; Auer, Peter; Hilpert, Martin; Stukenbrock, Anja; Szmrecsanyi, Benedikt (2013)
      In this paper I will not seek to settle this question for individual cases of shared characteristics between two specific languages (e.g. why do French and German have no distance contrast in demonstratives?; see Diessel ...
    • Verkerk, Annemarie; Szmrecsanyi, Benedikt; Wälchli, Bernhard (2014)
      The way in which different languages encode motion has been an important topic of investigation in the last few decades. As more data from typologically different languages has become available, the strict dichotomy between ...
    • Schiesser, Alexandra (2020)
      This empirical study examines the importance of dialect and dialect use in Switzerland. Based on interdisciplinary approaches, it explores the extent to which linguistic perception and assessment on the part of laypersons ...
    • Hinskens, Frans; Taeldeman, Johan (2013)
      Dutch; language variation; language/dialect contact; language change
    • Arendt, Birte; Bieberstedt, Andreas; Ehlers, Klaas-Hinrich (2017)
      <P>Im Mittelpunkt des Bandes steht der Wandel des Niederdeutschen und der regionalen Umgangssprache in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Er vereint linguistische Beiträge, die Aspekte der Entwicklung und Struktur sowie des Gebrauchs ...
    • Lanwer, Jens Philipp (2015)
    • Auer, Peter; Hilpert, Martin; Stukenbrock, Anja; Szmrecsanyi, Benedikt (2013)
      Space; Geolinguistics; Interaction; Cognition
    • Lenz, Alexandra N.; Plewnia, Albrecht (2018)
      The description and analysis of linguistic variation is one of the fields that has recently received much attention in German linguistics. This volume shows in a synopsis of different approaches from attitude to language ...