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    • Bateson, Patrick (2017)
      "The role of parents in shaping the characters of their children, the causes of violence and crime, and the roots of personal unhappiness are central to humanity. Like so many fundamental questions about human existence, ...
    • van Wilgen, Brian W.; Measey, John; Richardson, David M.; Wilson, John R.; Zengeya, Tsungai A. (2020)
      This open access volume presents a comprehensive account of all aspects of biological invasions in South Africa, where research has been conducted over more than three decades, and where bold initiatives have been implemented ...
    • Tietze, Dieter Thomas (2018)
      The average person can name more bird species than they think, but do we really know what a bird “species” is? This open access book takes up several fascinating aspects of bird life to elucidate this basic concept in ...
    • Robertson, Margaret E. (2016)
      Communication Studies; Sustainable Development; Communications Engineering, Networks; Computer Systems Organization and Communication Networks
    • O'Brien, Margaret; Wall, Karin (2017)
      Sociology of Family, Youth and Aging; Family; Gender Studies
    • Tissue Concentrations, Interpreting; Nelson Beyer, W.; Meador, James P. (2011)
      amining tissue residues of contaminants in biota reveals the movement of contaminants within organisms and through food chains as well as the context for understanding and quantifying injuries to organisms and their ...
    • Simonson, Julia; Vogel, Claudia; Tesch-Römer, Clemens (2017)
      Sociology of Family, Youth and Aging
    • Gestal, Camino; Pascual, Santiago; Guerra, Ángel; Fiorito, Graziano; Vieites, Juan M. (2019)
      The aim of this open access book is to facilitate the identification and description of the different organs as well as pathogens and diseases affecting the most representative species of cephalopods focussed on Sepia ...
    • Kreiser, Klaus; Motika, Raoul; Steinbach, Udo; Joppien, Charlotte; Schulz, Ludwig (2014)
      Türkeiforschung; Türkei; Nachwuchsforschung; Migration; Integration; Politisches System der Türkei
    • Ermisch, Maren; Kruse, Ulrike; Stobbe, Urte (2010)
      Seit den 1990er Jahren werden Fragen nach dem Verhältnis zwischen Veränderungen in der naturalen Umwelt und deren literarischen Repräsentationen im Bereich der Literaturwissenschaft unter dem Begriff Ecocriticism subsumiert ...
    • Lafleur, Jean-Michel; Stanek, Mikolaj (2017)
      Migration; Population Economics; European Law; Political Science
    • Peyton Doub, J. (2012)
      The complex regulations of the Endangered Species Act established by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service can be challenging for environmental professionals who must comply with them or assist clients in compliance. This is ...