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    • Maurer, Dieter (2016)
      It seems as if the fundamentals of how we produce vowels and how they are acoustically represented have been clarified: we phonate and articulate. Using our vocal chords, we produce a vocal sound or noise which is then ...
    • Ammann, Raymond; Kammermann, Andrea; Wey, Yannick (2019)
    • Eitel, Florian (2018)
      Anarchic clockmakers as alternative globalizers: a book about the attempt to establish a new world order.
    • Hamidović, David; Clivaz, Claire; Bowen Savant, Sarah (2019)
      Ancient Manuscripts in Digital Culture presents an overview of the digital turn in Ancient Jewish and Christian manuscripts visualisation, data mining and communication, edited by David Hamidović, Claire Clivaz and Sarah ...
    • Ritter-Schmalz, Cornelia; Schwitter, Raphael (2019)
      The everyday use of texts in the ancient world relates in many ways to contemporary practice. Besides inscribed artifacts, the self-reflection of Greek and Roman authors demonstrate an awareness of the importance of ...
    • Zimmermann, Dorothe (2019)
    • Jürgens, Kerstin; Hoffmann, Reiner; Schildmann, Christina (2017)
      In the next decades the working world will change fundamentally. What powers affect the labor market? What changes are to be expected? And what does that mean for those involved in labor politics? This conclusive report ...
    • Baer, Josette; Rother, Wolfgang (2014)
      We may consider labour as boon or bane ‒ man’s existence is not conceivable without labour. The expulsion from the Garden of Eden can be understood as a punishment for the consumption of the forbidden fruit from the tree ...
    • Stabrey, Undine (2017)
      How does time figure in archeology? This volume shows how the past can emerge as history and the reason why a part of human history was temporalized into a Stone Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age.
    • Frey, Felix (2019-07-15)
      Die Halbinsel Kola im Nordwesten Russlands stellte die sowjetische Verwaltung vor ein Energieproblem. Kola war zwar reich an Bodenschätzen, verfügte jedoch über keine fossilen Brennstoffe. Wie die Region mit Energie zu ...
    • Schultheis, Franz; Single, Erwin; Köfeler, Raphaela; Mazzurana, Thomas (2016)
      Until recently still a blank spot on the world map of art, China today occupies one of the top positions in the rankings of the global art market and has moved into the center of the speculations and the covetousness of ...
    • Caduff, Corina; Wälchli, Tan (2019)
      What is practice-based literary research? While literature as a discipline is currently not represented in the artistic research discourse, individual writers and scholars have ties to a variety of institutional constellations ...
    • Giacomel, Gianluigi; Martin, Antonio; Rérat, Patrick (2019)
    • Brücker, Tobias (2019)
    • Weiß, Tobias (2019)
    • Wild, Roman (2019)
    • Reinhold, Karl Leonhard; Bondeli, Martin; Imhof, Silvan (2017)
      This volume presents the amended version of Reinhold’s award-winning script on the question of what progress metaphysics has made since Leibniz and Wolf in Germany (asked by the Preußische Akademie der Wissenschaften). The ...
    • Iliopoulou, Evgenia (2019)
      Second-person storytelling is a continually present and diverse technique in the history of literature that appears only once in the oeuvre of an author. Based on key narratives of the post-war period, Evgenia Iliopoulou ...
    • Trescher, Hendrik (2017)
      How do »mental handicaps« become a social reality? An analysis on the basis of documented biographies.
    • Spiegel, Simon (2019)