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    • Rydström, Jens; Mustola, Kati (2007)
      This book provides a coherent history of criminal law and homosexuality in Scandinavia 1842-1999, a period during which same-sex love was outlawed or subject to more or less severe legal restrictions in the Scandinavian ...
    • Voorbrood, Caroline; Luijn van, Heleen (2010)
      psychology;digital archiving
    • Schrover, Marlou (2002)
      History;geography;auxiliary disciplines
    • Swaan de, Abram; Linden van der, Marcel (2006)
      Small mutual funds once flourished in nineteenth century Europe and North America. They still abound in Asia, Africa and Latin America. In recent years they have come back to European and North American cities with the ...
    • Lucassen, Jan; Ruijter de, Arie (2002)
    • Ying-chang, Chuang; Engelen, Theo; Wolf, Arthur P. (2006)
      This book adresses an important issue in historical demography - the differences between reproduction in low pressure and high pressure demographic regimes. The existence of such differences was first noted in 1789 by ...
    • Withuis, Jolande; Mooij, Annet (2010)
      History;geography;auxiliary disciplines
    • Companje, K.P.; Hendriks, R.H.M.; Veraghtert, K.F.E.; Widdershoven, B.E.M. (2009)
      Today, health insurance is a key component in the system of social security in most European Union countries. In many of these countries, modern health-insurance funds and healthcare insurers play an essential role in ...