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    • Flynn, Robert J.; Lemay, Raymond (1999)
      During the late 1960s, Normalization and Social Role Valorization (SRV) enabled the widespread emergence of community residential options and then provided the philosophical climate within which educational integration, ...
    • Andrew, Caroline; Gattinger, Monica; Jeannotte, Sharon M. (2005)
      Many scholars, practitioners, and policy-makers in the cultural sector argue that Canadian cultural policy is at a crossroads: that the environment for cultural policy-making has evolved substantially and that traditional ...
    • Benessaieh, Afef (2010)
      Transculturality is a new way of viewing culture that sees cultures not as separate islands that are easily differentiated from one another, but as connected and interacting webs of meaning and practice. The Americas in ...
    • Brochu, André (2000)
      Anne Hébert - literature - materialism - poetry - novel - theatre
    • Gaffield, Chad (1993)
      the 1880's - the Francophones - Ontario
    • Dennie, Donald (2001)
      socio-economic history - a French-Canadian community in the Sudbury region
    • Juillet, Luc; Rasmussen, Ken (2008)
      democracy - Canadian Parliament - merit - Public Service Commission of Canada
    • Brunet-Jailly, Emmanuel (2007)
      Border security has been high on public-policy agendas in Europe and North America since the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York City and on the headquarters of the American military in Washington ...
    • Keshen, Jeff; Perrier, Sylvie (2005)
      Questions of methodology and the use of sources are fundamental to all academic disciplines. In recent years, this topic has become far more challenging as scholars are increasingly adopting an interdisciplinary approach ...
    • Dodd, Dianne; Gorham, Deborah (1994)
      This collection of essays takes the reader from the early 19th century struggle between female midwives and male physicians right up to the late 20th century emergence of professionally trained women physicians vying for ...
    • Simon, Sherry; St-Pierre, Paul (2001)
      This volume explores the theoretical foundations of postcolonial translation in settings as diverse as Malaysia, Ireland, India and South America. <i>Changing the Terms</i> examines stimulating links that are currently ...
    • Bandia, Paul F.; Bastin, Georges L. (2006)
      Over the last 30 years there has been a substantial increase in the study of the history of translation. Both well-known and lesser-known specialists in translation studies have worked tirelessly to give the history of ...
    • Saleh-Hanna, Viviane (2008)
      A pioneering book on prisons in West Africa, Colonial Systems of Control: Criminal Justice in Nigeria is the first comprehensive presentation of life inside a West African prison. Chapters by prisoners inside Kirikiri ...
    • P. Mendes, Errol; Srighanthan, Sakunthala; Mendes, Errol P.; Srighanthan, Sakunthala (2009)
      Confronting Discrimination and Inequality in China focuses on the most challenging areas of discrimination and inequality in China, including discrimination faced by HIV/AIDS afflicted individuals, rural populations, migrant ...
    • D'Haenens, Leen (1999)
      This innovative study explores diverse aspects of Canadian and European identity on the information highway and reaches beyond technical issues to confront and explore communication, culture and the culture of communication.
    • Tcheuyap, Alexie (2004)
      African francophone novel - semiology of the image - postcolonial poetics and theory - literary texts - African cinema - African cinema - adaptation
    • Backhouse, Constance (2010)
      Canadian history - discrimination - law
    • Juillet, Luc; Rasmussen, Ken (2008)
      In 1908, after decades of struggling with a public administration undermined by systemic patronage, the Canadian parliament decided that public servants would be selected on the basis of merit, through a system administered ...
    • Veltmeyer, Henry; Tanimoune, Nasser A. (2015)
      global crisis - developing countries - international development studies