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Funded publications

  • House Research Group, Model; Egermann, Eva; Krameritsch, Jakob; Kravagna, Christian; Linortner, Christina; Osten, Marion von; Amir, Fahim; Hille, Moira; Spillmann, Peter (2013)
    Transcultural Modernisms is based on the findings of an interdisciplinary research project with focus on modernist architectural projects realized in the era of decolonization. It maps out the network of encounters, ...
  • Gruber, Stefan; Miller, Vladimir; Verlič, Mara; Wang, Hong-Kai; Wieger, Julia; Baldauf, Anette; Hille, Moira; Krauss, Annette (2016)
    In the context of major economic crises, ecological catastrophes and pervasive technological innovations, the commons have resurfaced as a key concept in the discussions of alternative economies, new social movements and ...