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grantor.nameGerda Henkel Foundation
grantor.acronymGerda Henkel Stiftung

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Funded publications

  • Rankin, Elizabeth; Schneider, Rolf Michael (2020)
    The pictorial narrative of the Boer pioneers who conquered South Africa’s interior during the ‘Great Trek’ (1835-52) represents a crucial period of South Africa’s past. Forming the concept of the frieze both reflected on ...
  • Akgöz, Görkem (2023)
    In the Shadow of War and Empire offers a site-specific history of Ottoman and Turkish industrialisation through the lens of a mid-nineteenth-century cotton factory in the “Turkish Manchester,” the name chosen by the Ottomans ...
  • Rosenberg, Anat (2022)
    This book is a first cultural legal history of advertising in Britain, tracing the rise of mass advertising circa 1840–1914 and its legal shaping. The emergence of this new system disrupted the perceived foundations of ...