• Wade, Jeremy; Hoyt, Eric (2021)
    "Over seventy-five million Americans listen to podcasts every month, and the average weekly listener spends over six hours tuning into podcasts from the more than thirty million podcast episodes currently available. Yet ...
  • Allkin, Bob (2017)
  • Willis, Kathy (2017)
    A detailed knowledge of plants is fundamental to human life on Earth. Plants underpin all aspects of our everyday life — from the food that we eat, to the clothes that we wear, the materials we use, the air we breathe, the ...
  • Jadric, Mladen; Alic, Dijana (2019)
  • Kochanowski, Jerzy (2017)
    This book analyzes the history of the black market in Poland before the 1940s and the development of black-market phenomena in post-war Poland. The author evaluates the interrelation between black-market phenomena and ...

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