• Rosemann, Therese (2022)
    Die Verbindung von Arbeiten und Lernen im Berufsalltag gleicht einem Spagat zwischen zwei verschiedenen Prozessen. Dabei sind informelles und nonformales Lernen Teile jeder Tätigkeit. Die Autorin untersucht, welche ...
  • Han, Kyung Joon (2022)
    Citizens in democracies complain that political parties’ positions on major issues are too ambiguous for them to confidently understand. Why is party position ambiguity so common? Are party positions ambiguous because ...
  • Bąk, Sylwia; Jedynak, Piotr (2023)
    Crises like the COVID-19 pandemic are wake-up calls for enterprises to review their current risk management models. This book suggests a more robust risk management maturity model and illustrates the application in crisis ...
  • Peterson, Joseph W. (2022)
    France;Algeria;Ottoman Syria;Islam;Catholicism;Catholic Orientalism;Imperialism;Missions;Jesuits;Louis Veuillot;Melchior de Vogüé;Charles Lavigerie;White Fathers;Humanitarianism;Œuvre d'Orient;Civilizing Mission
  • Alves, Tânia (2021)

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