Funded publications

  • Shah, Nishant; Juhasz, Alexandra (2021)
    With anchors in feminist theory, queer discourse, and digital politics, Really Fake rescues “fakeness” from the morass of “fake news” and rejuvenates “fake” as a material and tactical reality. This book treats fakeness as ...
  • Andrijasevic, Rutvica; Chen, Julie Yujie; Gregg, Melissa; Steinberg, Marc (2021)
    Management is enabled by media, just as media give life to management. Studying the management innovations learned through media uncovers the evolving relationship between workers and employers. With a view to history, ...
  • Neves, Joshua; Chia, Aleena; Paasonen, Susanna; Sundaram, Ravi (2022)
    Technopharmacology is a modest call to expand media theoretical inquiry by attending to the biological, neurological, and pharmacological dimensions of media and centers on emergent affinities between big data and big pharma.

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