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grantor.nameUniwersytet Wrocławski
grantor.acronymUniversity of Wrocław

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Funded publications

  • Budziak, Anna (2022)
    Written when Eliot rekindled his interest in Husserl and turned his attention to Heidegger, Triumphal March can be interpreted as a poem performing a philosophical experiment: it depicts the figure of a leader as seen in ...
  • Parchimowicz, Katarzyna (2023)
    Global systemically important banks (G-SIBs) are the largest, most complex and, in the event of their potential failure, most threatening banking institutions in the world. The Global Financial Crisis (GFC) was a turning ...
  • Jasiński, Wojciech; Kremens, Karolina (2023)
    This book presents a comprehensive comparative analysis of the substantive and procedural aspects of compensation for wrongful convictions in European countries and the USA, as well as the standard derived from the case ...