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Funded publications

  • Hickey, Sam (2023)
    Why do certain parts of the state in Africa work so effectively despite operating in difficult governance contexts? How do 'pockets of bureaucratic effectiveness' emerge and become sustained over time? And what does this ...
  • Sims, Kearrin; Banks, Nicola; Engel, Susan; Hodge, Paul; Makuwira, Jonathan; Nakamura, Naohiro; Rigg, Jonathan; Salamanca, Albert; Yeophantong, Pichamon (2022)
    This chapter is to demonstrate the challenges related to free time of seniors (especially EU residents) in the 21st century. The starting point for the considerations was to explain the concept of free time and to specify ...
  • Fletcher, James Rupert (2024)
    This book explores how dementia studies relates to dementia’s growing public profile and corresponding research economy. The book argues that a neuropsychiatric biopolitics of dementia positions dementia as a syndrome ...