Funded publications

  • Bakkevig, Trond; Bivand Erdal, Marta; Tordhol Ezzati, Rojan; Ustad Figenschou, Tine; Hughes, Glenn; Kaufmann, Mareile; Kolås, Åshild; Lysaker, Odin; Magalong, Abigail; Witsø Rafoss, Tore; Steen, Francis; Thorbjørnsrud, Kjersti; Weisæth, Lars; Syse, Henrik (2018)
    "At the time of this book’s publication, almost seven years have passed since the dramatic and brutal terror attacks at Norway’s Government Headquarters in Oslo and the island of Utøya on 22 July 2011. How have we coped ...
  • Zouganeli, Evi; Yazidi, Anis; Mello, Gustavo; Lind, Pedro (2022)
    This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 4th Symposium of the Norwegian AI Society, NAIS 2022, held in Oslo, Norway, during May 31–June 1, 2022. The 11 full papers included in this book were carefully reviewed ...
  • De Korne, Haley (2021)
    Through an ethnographic account of Isthmus Zapotec language advocates in Oaxaca, Mexico, this study illuminates a repertoire of advocacy strategies that are bringing linguistic equality closer to reality.

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