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publisher.nameLever Press
publisher.peerreviewpolicy Lever Press is committed to the highest standards of peer review in evaluating the work it considers for publication and to communicating the nature of review to readers in a transparent fashion. As a process of independent and informed evaluation of both argument and originality of scholarly work, peer review is the principal means by which Lever assures the quality and merit of the work it publishes. For each title under consideration, our peer review process addresses three specific questions: 1) what is the object to be reviewed (i.e., full proposal, or full manuscript)? 2) what is the appropriate form of review? 3) how is the type of review signaled? Unless an alternative review process is deemed more appropriate, all works chosen for consideration receive single-blind peer review by two outside readers as well as evaluation by the Editorial Board. The Editorial Board oversees the acquisitions process at various stages, including at the time of proposal, after peer review, and upon receipt of the completed work. Like all university presses, Lever Press undertakes peer review in a variety of ways, depending upon the circumstances of disciplinary practice, the particular form of scholarly work, and the approach that Lever author(s) wish to pursue concerning the nature of their work. Lever Press makes clear to scholars and readers that a rigorous and appropriate form of peer review has been employed, and indicates the form of review utilized (partly closed (single-blind); fully closed (double-blind); peer-to-peer; open) with corresponding icons on the copyright page of each work. Lever Press is committed to providing readers with specific information about the nature of the peer review process for each of its published works. To that end, we use a combination of language and iconography in the front matter of each of our publications—both online and in print—to signal in a clear, consistent way how each project has been reviewed.

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  • Hicok, Bethany (2020)
    In a life full of chaos and travel, Elizabeth Bishop managed to preserve and even partially catalog, a large collection—more than 3,500 pages of drafts of poems and prose, notebooks, memorabilia, artwork, hundreds of letters ...
  • Henseler, Christine (2020)
    This inspirative and hopeful collection demonstrates that the arts and humanities are entering a renaissance that stands to change the direction of our communities. Community leaders, artists, educators, scholars, and ...
  • Truth Goodman, Robin (2018)
    There is no doubt that the beginning of the twenty-first century was marked by crises of debt. Less well known is that literature played a historical role in defining and teaching debt to the public. Promissory Notes: On ...

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