• Neumayr, Eva; Laubhold, Lars (2018)
    This is a catalogue of the musical sources of Salzburg Cathedral between ca. 1670 and 1841, that have survived in the holdings of the Dommusikarchiv at the Archiv der Erzdiözese Salzburg.
  • Štědronská, Markéta; Lodes, Birgit; Calella, Michele (2017-12)
    The present edition of musical essays and reviews by August Wilhelm Ambros (1816–1876) covers the years 1872–1876—a time that Ambros spent as a music reviewer for the Wiener Zeitung in Vienna. The first volume contains, ...
  • Wilfing, Alexander; Lodes, Birgit; Calella, Michele (2019-05)
    This study examines the reception of Eduard Hanslick in Anglo-american discourse from its earliest instances in the 19th century up to analytical philosophy of music. This book thus analyzes primarily the discoursive ...

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