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grantor.nameUniversity of Oslo, Stiftelsen Fritt Ord

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Funded publications

  • Marsteintredet, Leiv (2017)
    Despite long traditions for contact with Latin America, increasing trade and investments in the region and important contributions to the recent peace process in Colombia, Latin America is often depicted as a "forgotten ...
  • Farstad, Eli Morken; Nymark, Kristian Holen; Bugge Amundsen, Arne; Garcia de Presno, Jostein; Gilje, Nils; Langhelle, Svein Ivar; Norseth, Kristin; Roos, Merethe; Kringlebotn Sødal, Helje; Farstad, Eli M.; Nymark, Kristian H. (2023)
    Hans Nielsen Hauge established and led at the end of the 18th century Norway's first nationwide popular movement, a low church network that would leave its mark on everyday life, business development and politics in the ...