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Funded publications

  • Söderholm, Eira (2017)
    Kvensk grammatikk is a comprehensive presentation of the structure of the Kven language, a Baltic-Finnic minority language in Norway. The grammar has been reviewed and approved by Kvensk språkting, the decision-making body ...
  • Socanski Celik, Kristina; Christoffersen, Svein Aage; Damaskinos (Olkinuora) of Xenofontos, Fr; Eftestøl, Torbjørn; Gillebo, Mathias; Graff, Ola; Holm, Henrik; Kast, Christina; Mohn, Christine; Nelson, Karin; Urholt Nielsen, Nina; Opsahl, Carl Petter; Rinholm, Hanne; Strauman, Ragnhild; Sødal, Nils H.; Thoresen, Lasse; Varden, Erik; Varkøy, Peder; Varkøy, Øivind; Holm, Henrik; Varkøy, Øivind (2022)
    Music plays an important role in many religions and in a variety of religious contexts. Music and Religion: Texts on Music in Religion and Religion in Music takes a look at the intersections between music and religion. We ...