Funded publications

  • Roy, Deboleena (2018-11-04)
    "“Should feminists clone?” “What do neurons think about?” “How can we learn from bacterial writing?” These and other provocative questions have long preoccupied neuroscientist, molecular biologist, and intrepid feminist ...
  • Meyer-Lee, Robert J. (2023)
    Literary value – in the sense of the worth, usefulness or importance of the literary – has been a topic of debate from no later than Plato’s impugning of poetry. But from the so-called canon wars of the last century to the ...
  • Zambrana, Rocio (2021)
    Rocío Zambrana uses the current political-economic moment in Puerto Rico to outline how debt functions as both an apparatus that strengthens neoliberalism and the island's colonial relation to the United States.

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