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grantor.nameUniversität Passau
grantor.acronymUniversity of Passau
grantor.acronymUniversitas Pataviensis

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Funded publications

  • Gimpel, Henner; Krämer, Jan; Neumann, Dirk; Pfeiffer, Jella; Seifert, Stefan; Teubner, Timm; Veit, Daniel J.; Weidlich, Anke (2021)
    This open access book provides a broad range of insights on market engineering and information management. It covers topics like auctions, stock markets, electricity markets, the sharing economy, information and emotions ...
  • Sonnleitner, Magdalena (2021)
    "Multi-grade classes are experiencing a renaissance in the current German educational system. On the one hand, pedagogical reasons are discussed. On the other hand, the motto “short legs, short ways” as well as school ...