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Funded publications

  • Woodruff, Lily (2020)
    In the decades following World War II, France experienced both a period of affluence and a wave of political, artistic, and philosophical discontent that culminated in the countrywide protests of 1968. In Disordering the ...
  • Steinberg, Ronen (2019)
    The Afterlives of the Terror explores how those who experienced the mass violence of the French Revolution struggled to come to terms with it. Focusing on the Reign of Terror, Ronen Steinberg challenges the presumption ...
  • Ceccato, Vania; Nalla, Mahesh K. (2020)
    No city environment reflects the meaning of urban life better than a public place does. A public place, whatever its nature – a park, a mall, a train platform or a street corner – is where people pass by, meet each other ...