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  • Louw, Quinette; Bardien, Faeza; Berner, Karina; Bester, Juanita; Brink, Yolandi; Burger, Marlette; Charumbira, Maria Yvonne; Cloete, Lizahn; Crous , Bianca; Crous, Kayla; de Beer, Alida; Dizon, Janine Margarita; Ernstzen, Dawn; Gaskin, Ashley; Giljam-Enright, Marlie; Grimmer, Karen; Hartley, Tasneem; Inglis-Jassiem, Gakeemah; Jacobs-Nzuzi Khuabi, Lee-Ann; Klop, Daleen; Kloppers, Maatje; Kumalo, Sibongile; Leibbrandt, Dominique; Morris, Linzette; Petersen, Ruth; Plastow, Nicola Ann; Rhoda, Anthea; Robbertse, Andrea; Statham, Sue; Steyn, Hesti; Tawa, Nassib; Titus, Adnil; Urimubenshi, Dr. Gerard; Van Niekerk, Lana; Van Niekerk, Sjan-Mari; Louw, Quinette (2020)
    This scholarly book focuses on stroke in Africa. Stroke is a leading cause of disability among adults of all ages, contributing significantly to health care costs related to long term implications, particularly if ...