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dc.contributor.editorBaumler, Alan
dc.description.abstractRoutledge Handbook of Revolutionary China covers the evolution of Chinese society from the roots of the Republic of China in the early 1900s until the end of the Cultural Revolution in 1976.The chapters in this volume explain aspects of the process of the revolution and how people adapted to the demands of the revolutionary situation. Exploring changes in political leadership, as well as transformation in culture, it compares the differences in experiences in urban and rural areas and contrasts rapid changes, such as the war with Japan and Communist ‘liberation’ with evolutionary developments, such as the gradual redefinition of public space. Taking a comprehensive approach, the themes covered include: • War, occupation and liberation • Religion and gender • Education, cities and travel. This is an essential resource for students and scholars of Modern China, Republican China, Revolutionary China and Chinese Politics.en_US
dc.subject.classificationthema EDItEUR::N History and Archaeology::NH History::NHF Asian historyen_US
dc.subject.classificationthema EDItEUR::J Society and Social Sciences::JP Politics and governmenten_US
dc.subject.classificationthema EDItEUR::J Society and Social Sciences::JB Society and culture: general::JBS Social groups, communities and identities::JBSL Ethnic studiesen_US
dc.subject.classificationthema EDItEUR::G Reference, Information and Interdisciplinary subjects::GT Interdisciplinary studies::GTP Development studiesen_US
dc.subject.otherSong China,china history brook,chinese history brook,history imperial china,imperial china,imperial chinese history,ming china,qin china,qing China,tang china,politics,power,society,China,Japan,economy,handbook,history,culture,China's national revolution,Chinese political system,Chinese women's liberation,Mao's Great Proletarian cultural revolution,Young Men,Shen Honglie,GMD Government,CCP Government,CCP Leader,Chinese Communist Party,Nationalist Government,PRC History,Wang Jingwei,Eighth Route Army,Lu Xun,Great Leap Forward Famine,Social Reproduction,Chen Duxiu,Yuan Shikai,Jinggang Mountain,Xinhua Ribao,Jiang Jieshi,Zhang Kaiyuan,Chinese Christian Communities,China Travel Service,Northeast Army,Winter Schools,Jin Chongji,Baojia Systemen_US
dc.titleRoutledge Handbook of Revolutionary Chinaen_US

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