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dc.contributor.authorMinty, Michiko G.
dc.contributor.authorZimmermann, Frank
dc.description.abstractFrom the reviews: "This book is a very welcome and valuable addition to the accelerator literature. As noted by the authors, there is relatively little material in the book specifically for low-energy machines, but industrial users may still find it useful to read." Cern Courier ; The intent of this book is to bridge the link between experimental obser­ vations and theoretical principles in accelerator physics. The methods and concepts, taken primarily from high energy accelerators, have for the most part already been presented in internal reports and proceedings of accelera­ tor conferences, a portion of which has appeared in refereed journals. In this book we have tried to coherently organize this material so as to be useful to designers and operators in the commissioning and operation of particle accelerators. A point of emphasis has been to provide, wherever possible, experimental data to illustrate the particular concept under discussion. Of the data pre­ sented, most are collected from presently existing or past accelerators and we regret the problem of providing original data some of which appear in less accessible publications - for possible omissions we apologize. Regarding the uniformity of the text, particularly with respect to symbol definitions, we have taken the liberty to edit certain representations of the data while trying to maintain the essence of the presented observations. Throughout the text we have attempted to provide references which are readily available for the reader.; This reference and advanced textbook is the first comprehensive and systematic review of all methods used for the measurement, correction, and control of the beam dynamics of modern particle accelerators. Based on material presented in several lectures at the US Particle Accelerator School, the text is intended for graduate students starting research or work in the field of beam physics. Relativistic beams in linear accelerators and storage rings provide the focus. After a review of linear optics, the text addresses basic and advanced techniques for beam control, plus a variety of methods for the manipulation of particle-beam properties. In each case, specific procedures are illustrated by examples from operational accelerators. The book also treats special topics such as injection and extraction methods, beam cooling, spin transport, and polarization. Problems and solutions enhance the books usefulness in graduate courses.
dc.relation.ispartofseriesParticle Acceleration and Detection
dc.subject.classificationbic Book Industry Communication::P Mathematics & science::PH Physics::PHP Particle & high-energy physics
dc.subject.classificationbic Book Industry Communication::P Mathematics & science::PD Science: general issues::PDD Scientific standards::PDDM Mensuration & systems of measurement
dc.subject.otherParticle Acceleration and Detection, Beam Physics
dc.subject.otherMeasurement Science and Instrumentation
dc.subject.otherAccelerator Physics
dc.subject.otherParticle accelerator
dc.subject.otherStorage ring
dc.subject.otherOpen Access
dc.subject.otherParticle & high-energy physics
dc.subject.otherScientific standards, measurement etc
dc.titleMeasurement and Control of Charged Particle Beams
virtual.oapen_relation_isPublishedBy.publisher_nameSpringer Nature
virtual.oapen_relation_isFundedBy.grantor_name CERN
oapen.imprintSpringer Berlin Heidelberg
oapen.grant.number[grantnumber unknown]

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