Funded publications

  • Meyer, Vera; Schmidt, Bertram; Pohl, Carsten; Cerimi, Kustrim; Schubert, Bastian; Weber, Birke; Neubauer, Peter; Junne, Stefan; Zakeri, Zakieh; Rapp, Regine; Lutz, Christian de; Schubert, Theresa; Peluso, Fara; Volpato, Alessandro; Meyer, Vera; Rapp, Regine (2020)
    This book reports on the bundling of the creativity engines science and art and how a living triad of science, art and society can be forged from this. A creative triad, which over a period of two years has jointly committed ...
  • Mohs, Dominik (2021)
  • Vollmer, Theresa (2023)