• Andresen, Maike; Anger, Silke; Al Ariss, Akram; Barzantny, Cordula; Brücker, Herbert; Dickmann, Michael; Mäkelä, Liisa; Muhr, Sara Louise; Saalfeld, Thomas; Suutari, Vesa; Zølner, Mette (2023)
    Expatriation has been a topic of much research recently. The important role expatriates play in the internationalisation of an organisation and the resultant effects of such a work experience on the expatriates themselves, ...
  • Summer, Theresa; Böttger, Heiner (2023)
    This volume focuses on the teaching of English as a foreign language to young learners at primary school. The volume features an introduction that covers essentials of teaching English to young learners from a theoretical, ...
  • Retsch, Christopher (2023)

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